New easy to use & affordable software package opens the savings of B2B & Level III credit card processing to every business selling to other businesses & to the government!

Your business can recover the start up costs from the savings in the first month! New software packages on the market today have reduced the start up cost from several thousands of dollars to several hundred. They have taken what was once a long learning curve and complicated process to an easy to use system. Fact is, that with about an hour training session, you

Can you think of one reason you would not want to get paid online?

I can't either! With over 65% of people paying all or Part of their bills online, why would any business not offer this payment portal?

It's safer than taking the card numbers over the phone. With online payments, only the cardholder inputs the card numbers. Numbers are not exposed to you or anyone of your employees. This helps eliminate cardholder

Is your company receiving the benefits the "regulated debit card" processing rates?

Effective Oct 2011, the Durbin Amendment has mandated the reduction of charges for processing "regulated" debit cards. A regulated debit card is one issued by a bank with over $10,000,000.00 in assets. These are normally national or large regional banks. The local bank, savings and loan or credit union would not fall under these regs.

The government wanted to reduce the cost of processing these cards & mandated the reduction of fee to 0.05%. This reduction of fees was placed on the card companies. The trouble is...

Now you can reduce your cost to process that sale by up to 33% or more.

In the past, it was cumbersome to have sales qualify for Level III rates. A complicated computer program was required and the setup was expensive and it took extra work when processing the sale. But recently, a new, simplified program has been introduced to the market. It's easy to use and automatically adds the additional required information to qualify the sale. Plus the start-up costs are less than the average 1st month's savings.

"It's less than 2 days from...

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